Square panipitha: Polishing has started

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The polishing work on the upper half of the square panipitha has started (it's upside down at the moment). You can clearly see where I could not get into the tricky upper edge during the sanding. A lot of work could be achieved by adapting some tools to the workpiece, but I think the last bit will simply going to be just a lot of handiwork : filing, sanding and 10 steps of polishing….

Fortunately, it is already becoming a lot sleeker, and even where you can see the light lines at the bottom it's all sanded to the same grade. Because of a residue of stone dust it still seems like it's rough, but like the rest it has all been sanded down to grain 800 in the smallest nooks and crannies. The dark edge at the top is sanded to grain 3000, and gives an impression of how black it will become.

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