Artificial aging with lichen

In wet conditions moss and lichen easily grows, after a frost chunks keep falling off

On tuff anything will grow, as it stays so wet all the time

Lichen on bluestone

Lichen on bluestone

Lichens on car

under the right conditions lichen is also known to grow on a car

Lichens on car window

…or even on a car window

In September 2015 I already wrote a post containing a piece about artificial aging of concrete, stone and the like with a moss recipe. Apparently it doesn't work all that well. The moss dries out quickly, and the photo that I linked to was rigged: someone had cut out some moss and pasted it on a wall, something quite different from growing moss. …Read the whole article…

Flying Buttress figurines for St. Eusebius' Church Arnhem

Restoration St. Eusebius' Church gets going again

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Good news! There is a budget again for the restoration of the St. Eusebius's Church in Arnhem (the Netherlands). Today a press release came out that the municipality and province have provided funding for a transitional period of a few months, and the expectation is that the rest of the restoration project will in time be provided for as well. As a result, I can now report that the next few months I will be busy carving a whole batch of new statuettes for the flying buttresses of this church. Below is an account of the first two that Stide and I made.

Flying buttress sculptures for St. Eusebius's

precutting flying buttres figurine1

the precutting of a flying buttress statuette

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Installing: A garden bench for Castle Twickel

During dead quiet weather, a very thick branch of a tree fell down.

During dead quiet weather, a very thick branch of a tree fell down.

During dead quiet weather, a very thick branch of a tree fell down.

The concrete backrest with lead relief and the seat were the most damaged parts.

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Today, it was a hot sunny day. With a little power shovel machine and lifting straps we lifted the components of the garden bench and assembled them on site. …Read the whole article…

Sandstone Sphinxes… or are they Satyrs?

weathered limestone garden ornaments and garlands with sphinxesA thick branch of an oak tree in a big crash wreaked havoc on a garden bench at Castle Twickel. Multiple parts of the bench were broken or damaged, and thus this monumental piece of garden furniture was in great need of a thorough restoration. …Read the whole article…

The weathering of tuff

The increased usage of Ettringer tuff

tufa capital at St. Stephen's church in Nijmegen

danger of falling parts

In the years I worked as a restoration sculptor I have often had to deal with statues and ornaments that originally were hewn in tufa and have weathered down over the years. In most cases, it was the so-called Ettringer tuff stone, which was used all over the Netherlands in the post-war years. …Read the whole article…