Two videos of a lingam and panipitha

The video below I got sent today, and the one above a bit earlier. On these can be seen how the lingam and panipitha I carved out of granite got a waterflow. The lingam is a symbol for Shiva, and is regarded by believers not just as an image, but as Shiva itself. During a ritual of ablutions (abhishekam) , during recitation of Vedic chants, water is poured over the lingam. …Read the whole article…

Installing the large Shivalingam and Panipitha

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installation of the Shivalingam(3)

hoisting the upper part

After all parts of the Shivalingam at the time and polished, and I had tested them in a test setup, to see if it fit, the five components were ready to be transported for their installation. It all together weighs about one metric tonne; it's 125 cm wide by 125 cm high and 175 cms long. I made the whole Shivalingam and its base from different kinds of granite …Read the whole article…