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Polishing is always a labour intensive chore. Especially in this sculpture; there are many corners that I just simply have to do by hand. But it's getting on nicely, just a few pieces at the top. You just can't tell by the photos because there's still a thin layer of of stone sludge over it. But when the sculpture is properly rinsed and all waxed up, then also the green color stands out better. Ultimately, the sculpture will be laid flat again, and then I can finish and polish any tricky pieces under the curls. The veins on top of the two curls have also yet to be partly carved and finished, but below, the sculpture is ready -aside from the polishing work, that is.

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One response to “Polishing

  1. Marga van Doorn wrote:

    Dag Koen,

    We have seen how beautiful the picture further developed. It looks beautiful you have a nice job of it. We think you have a lot of fun making!

    Cordial greetings,

    Walther en Marga

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