The lion: St. Mark

Copying a corbel with lion (evangelist Marcus) the tower of the Eusebius Church in Arnhem

pointing/copying, from tuff to Muschelkalk

old corbel Lion; Ettringer tufa

The old corbel with the lion in Ettringer Tuff stone

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In order to finish all of the work in time, I am currently carving six days a week, and because I can work in my own studio I am not bound to fixed times. That way I can make some nice progress, and that's how the copy of the corbel with Marcus was finished this week. Where Lucas got a bull as his symbol, Mark got the winged lion.

Just as in the bull, this lion hasn't changed much: feathers in the wings, a little more detail in the hair and eyes, and everything a bit sharper. Because the four 'creatures full of eyes’ look up to the throne of God, all the reliefs are gazing upwards, and I've kept it that way in the copy as well. After this, it's the eagle of John's turn. Below the copy on a pallet; the roughened piece is recessed into the wall, and only the chiselled and the carved pieces remain visible.kraagsteen in Muschelkalk met een leeuw (de evangelist Marcus). Copy.

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