Llittle praying man (flying buttress figurine for Eusebius Church)

copy of praying man in Muschelkalk limestone copy of praying man in Muschelkalk limestone

Llittle praying man

I'm already quite busy again carving flying buttress 5 from St. Eusebius's Church in Arnhem (the Netherlands). This series consists of a razorbill, a elephant, a sea lion, a Buffalo, a squirrel, a praying little man and for the third time the ark. From the description of the air arc images by the church:

First the arches on the north side of the ship were carved. The statuettes came from the studio of Theo van Reijn and were virtually all carved by Eduard van Kuilenburg,. From some of the figurines sketches and photographs from the workshop have been preserved. Their theme was the Deluge. Given the rebuilding after the destruction this was an obvious theme. On the flying buttresses animals are shown and the topmost of the figurines show Noah's Ark in different phases, from its construction to the landing of the pigeon on the Ark. The figurines from the studio of Van Reijn were strongly inspired by the flying butresses as they're found on St. John's Cathedral in Den Bosch and on French cathedrals, and appear traditional when compared with the later figurines. Van Reijn died in 1954, before he could begin designing the figurines for the arches on the south side of the ship.


Old figurine of praying man with two left feet

The old figurine of the praying man with two left feet

This praying little man would not be very popular in most shoe stores, for he had two left feet. I hope you will forgive me that I fixed that…

All the old flying buttress figurines are being sold, by the way, to raise money to have their copies carved.. If you want to know why the statues are replaced, then read more here and here.

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